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Write a story about seeing something beautiful [10 Aug 2009|11:51pm]
"You know," Wally said, as he wrapped his arm around Julie, "in everything beautiful, there is a little bit of terror."

She bunched her eyebrows up in a contemplative knot. "What do you mean?" she asked slowly.

"Well, baby, there's this tree over on the way to Sullivan's place, and it stands in a field all by itself. It is nothing special at all, until about the second week of October. And then, good god that tree is something else. It's red, Julie, the whole thing! Like blood, like fire, scorching that big beautiful crystal blue sky. It's like I can hear this sound of someone clinking his nail against that big beautiful dome, like someone clinking a glass goblet, it's that beautiful."

"So where's the terror?" She stopped walking and looked into his aging face.

"Well." He paused and turned to look at her. "It's so beautiful that it terrifies me. It's only gonna be like that for a few more weeks and then it'll be gone. Whenever I see it I think, 'Oh god, don't do this to me again. Not this year." Wally shoved his hands deep into his pockets and turned forward.

Julie pulled away a little before he continued.

"It terrifies me because I want to look at it forever."
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